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Don’t you humans dare look down on me!

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Okay there is no way I can make this in only few steps so I made

PART 2. HOW I MAKE / SHADE “cartoonish” FUR!

> PART 1. HOW I MAKE/ SHADE “realistic” FUR!
Notice that even if I use Paint Tool SAI, everything I do here, can also be done in any painting / Drawing program just as photoshop, GIMP, painter, Paint shop pro etc.

Also I am not going to tell you how to color Black and white images.
Click here if you want to know how that is done.



PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE - and if you don’t know how the fur works I recommend you use magical tool known as “google”.
Google it. “fur” “animal fur” “dogs” “cats” “horses” “monkeys” - they all have different kind of fur. I know you can do it if you just put your mind in to it and have fun.

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Brendan and May as they appear in their Pokemon Contest attire. I personally hope we can choose the outfits they wear for contests.

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Hi guys; here with another illustration; this one goes for the Black Beauty 2014 campaign. If you want to participate you can read this post to see more information: The campaign ends on August 29 so you still have some time to draw your entry :meow: I can tell you that I feel honored that :iconnanaramos: had invited me to join me her campaign.

Hope you like it and I invited you to participate too :)

See you other time with more.
With all my love.

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I liked these guys the most from the movie~ Them and batista.

I would summarize Guardians of the Galaxy as people can’t do their jobs right but it works out anyways!

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"I understand you're paranoid. You think enemies are everywhere. I am so into that."

Deadpool Annual #2

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she’s literally jesus with mascara and I love it 

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